Created by founder and inventor, Dr. Efraim Kfir, MIAMBE is a minimally invasive antral membrane balloon elevation technique enabling safesinus membrane lift with immediate sinus floor bone augmentation.

Our current product, the MIAMBE kit contains all the instruments required for a controlled minimally invasive sinus lifting. MIAMBE features the only Silicon balloon, designed to overcome the disadvantages of the existing surgical techniques, while enabling procedures in certain patient subsets that could not benefit from a sinus lift before; namely single tooth, antral septum, minimal sinus floorheight (0-4 mm) and previous sinus surgery (Caldwell Luke).

Patients enjoy a quick and simple procedure, with minimal pain and discomfort. MIAMBE facilitates a minimally invasive, single sitting,procedure of maxillary sinus bone augmentation and immediate dental implant placement. surgery can be completed in a single day, with minimum discomfort to patients.